Retirement Coaching

Retirement is different now. As it is still largely uncharted territory, many people approaching retirement find themselves facing an uncertain future. Retirement calls on us to transform our beliefs about ourselves and redefine who we are.

Previous generations viewed retirement as a time of purely rest and relaxation. The new generation of retirees is dispensing with these old notions and is creating an entirely new vision of retirement.

With our increasing life expectancy, we can now look forward to a retirement that can last decades. New retirees can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of creating a new identity after the time and effort that went into building the old one. It can be a daunting prospect to imagine a life without the respect, social status, structure and social relationships that was provided from our working lives.

Retirement coaching offers the opportunity to explore your fears, beliefs and attitudes about retirement. Together we can create a plan to help you design a life that is happy, engaged and fulfilling.